Math books for Pauline

Pauline Gardener Ward  Knighton Normal Primary School.  

One Stage Five National Curriculum Math Text Book  

When I was a little girl math used to make me screw up my nose in distaste and look out the window. The mathematical symbols and unfathomable purpose made very little sense to me. Maths was like some strange foreign language and I would gaze out the window and let the teacher's voice drift around me imagining myself far far away in a land where no one needed maths.  

Hieroglyphics would have made more sense; in fact hieroglyphics were wonderful and brought with them fascinating stories of those faraway places steeped in sand, with winds that whispered great tales of the past. I had such a love of stories but numeracy left me sad, totally bewildered, alien, disjointed and disconnected.  

I tried hiding under the desk, I tried climbing out the window, I try feigned sleep, I tried running a mock fever, I tried making up the answers. Nothing seem to work. I was lost in a foreign mathematical land where nothing seemed to make any sense.  

Imagine if I had Mrs GW for a teacher? Someone so driven to unlock the mysteries of numeracy for children that she would make a wish for a maths text book! She speaks of this maths text in the same tones that I would use when speaking about a great pictorial book of poetry. Listening to her energy and enthusiasm makes me think how lucky the children of classroom number six are.