Just a little old Ukulele Maro Arcus Deanwell Primary School

I really enjoyed my chat with Maro the other day in her office. Maro is in charge of the finance department at Deanwell School. But we weren’t talking accounts or invoices we were laughing and chatting about the little old ukulele.

Maro has joined the children’s music lessons and has started to learn how to play the ukulele. I share a little in the joy, and laughter that flows from these musical encounters as I listen to Maro’s stories about the children.

We laugh as she recalls their robust eagerness to teach her what they have mastered just moments before, she recounts the surging sense of achievement that grows instantly as the children stumble their way through a new song for the first time. Maro speaks of the pride as they are praised and encouraged with their performance pieces and the confidence and happiness that seems to bubble around these small children as that eagerly lap up the teachers advice and instruction.

The stories flow easily and I wish I too could join the children and Maro as they enjoy these ukulele lessons so crammed with laughter and sprinkled with the magic of the children’s achievements. Children enjoying actively participating in preforming music is magic at work and education at its best.

Help us grow this experience for more children, and grant Maro’s wish for more ukuleles for the children.