Garden tools

Heather Russell     Deanwell Primary School  

Gardening Tools

Heather has a great love of gardening and a passion that drives her to teach the children that gather around her vegetable garden at lunchtimes. Sometimes she tells stories as she kneels with trowel in hand removing weeds from amongst the precious vegetables and herbs.  

Today as the children gather she tells a story of a little rabbit called Peter who, against his mother's advice, enters Farmer McGregor's vegetable patch. The small children sit mesmerised, hanging on every word deeply concerned for Peter Rabbit's safety. The older children busy themselves amongst the herbs, while listening, as Mrs Russell had taught them. They were going to learn how to cook some of these vegetables and herbs after lunch. Today they would be learning how to make a tomato jam to sell at the gala. Cooking afternoons were just the best fun because there were always spoons to lick before the washing up and samples for everyone to try.   

The beauty of Mrs Russell's garden was its positioning right outside her classroom. The children never forgot to tend to the watering, weeding or harvesting of the vegetables and strawberries simply because of the garden's proximity. Eli was carefully tending herbs. They had grown so successfully the excess were taken to a local café. Mrs Russell had explained to them an old fashioned system called bartering. Using the bartering system meant they exchanged baskets of fresh herbs for chocolate brownies. Eli had never thought such a thing possible.  

Please help Heather Russell with much needed new gardening equipment. Each $40.00 will grant a wish of two new pair of little gloves and two new trowels for the children that tend the garden during the lunchtimes.