A performance Guitar for Louella

Louella Dinnan   Marion Catholic School  

A Wish For the classroom

Mrs D's voice has a gentle hum and intonation that gives me just a quick insight into her reputation as a talented vocalist. Classroom twenty one somehow seems to vibrate a gentle magical humming musical undercurrent. Maybe it is Mrs D's rhythmically beautiful voice or a visual illusion when seeing so many obviously well-loved instruments scattered in places of importance in the classroom. But this room oozes with the essence of music. 

Mrs D plays at least five instruments so it is no wonder that her classroom is such a Mecca for all things music. Her teaching of music doesn't stop at her classroom but flows out the door and reaches many children in the school. Teaching children to love music and giving them an appreciation and understanding of its limitless boundaries is obviously important to this talented teacher; but teaching children that music is within their grasp and that they possess the ability to pick up the instrument of their choice and learn to play, is obviously a passion for Mrs D.  

Mrs D's wish is that a new Bass guitar be gifted to the music department as the old one is simply no longer up for the job.  

This is a wish for the classroom.