Giant Marimbas

Nicole Teotia  Knighton Normal School  

Nicole’s wish is for a Marimba

Ryan is an experiential learner meaning that he learns by "doing". He often struggles in maths and science which sometimes causes him to doubt his ability in other learning areas. However, with marimba sticks in hand Ryan comes out of his shell, glowing with confidence and excitement as he puts on a show for all to see. The smile on his face as he plays an arpeggio in G major is just mesmerising and awe inspiring to his classmates.    
Music is a powerful tool that gives children the opportunity to create their own music which is not only empowering but inspires students to be involved. Music is something that can be shared and celebrated, allowing students to take a step outside their comfort zone and express themselves.  

Through the exploration of sound, rhythm and pitch, students are introduced to new concepts that some may not have been exposed to before, and others may discover new strengths they never knew they had.  

Make Nicole’s wish come true a have a Marimba permanently in the classroom.