Swimming Pool Canopy

Gretchen Callaghan   Assistant Principal
Hamilton West School    

A canopy is required for the area next to the school swimming pool.    

In the hot, hot sun there were hot, hot children,
And the hot, hot children had a hot, hot teacher,
And those hot, hot children had hot, hot limbs,
And those hot, hot limbs belonged to hot, hot bodies,
And those hot, hot bodies had hot, hot heads,
And those hot, hot heads had hot, hot thoughts
And those hot, hot thoughts, got hotter and hotter and hotter until
They just couldn't think or learn or even stay awake. 

It is just essential that the Swimming Pool at Hamilton West School gets a new canopy for the waiting area next to the pool. The old canopy has perished and all that remains are the posts and lots of hot, hot children.  

Please make this wish come true so the children can truly enjoy their swimming time this summer.