Farm Set Lego Duplo

Anne Hoare Knighton Normal Primary School.  

"He's the farmer," insisted Jack, "cos he's got a tractor."  

The five year old Leroy scratched his head and whistled slightly between his front teeth. He was in no hurry to make any wreakless uninformed decisions or assumptions. He looked as knowledgeable as he could and turned his gaze hotly on Rueben.  

Rueben squirmed slightly, "If he's the Farmer, whose that with the rake? "  

Lola swept her hair back behind her ear and looked at the three little boys with a knowing slightly condescending smile.  

"The farmer is on the tractor," she ventured with supreme confidence as she pointed towards the Duplo farm, "her son is holding the rake and her husband is in the chicken coup. "  

All three boys looked at the six year old Lola with a mixture of disbelief and awe.  

"What's he doing in the chicken coup? " asked Jack with obvious scepticism.  

"He's collecting the eggs for breakfast," replied Lola incredulously.  

Rueben shook his head from side to side obviously unconvinced. He'd seen his mum lift the eggs from the box countless times. You weren't about to fool him about where eggs came from. He stuck out his lower lip and shook his head in silent opposition.  

"Husbands," Lola informed her playmates, "spend lots of time in the chicken coup or the dog kennel."  

Leroy looked back at the Duplo farm, being a husband didn't sound like a flash idea. He looked closely at the Duplo chicken coup and released a small gasp of wonder as he pointed to the eggs sat neatly in rows near the chickens. Who would have thought ?  

Children learn through play an discovery. Gift a box of farm Duplo to these inquisitive five year olds.