Colleen's Costume Box

Colleen Vette Deanwell School.  

Costumes for the costume box 

Exploring the Sahara had been easy once Jasper had found Pauly and convinced him to dress up a bit and be the camel driver. Finding playmates to be camels had been no easy task so they used the chairs and roped them together. Jasper sat with legs crossed on top of a handy table, swaying slightly as you would if you were riding a camel. He held binoculars in one hand and a fly swat in the other; both he knew would be absolutely imperative in the great dunes of a really big dessert like the Sahara.  

Bella had obligingly joined the party of travellers on the desk top as a princess they had gallantly rescued from some evil overlord, who ruled over a ramshackled group of mud huts they had passed on their journey.  

Jeremy was pretending to be a nomad who would lead them to fresh water and date palms. He knowledgably scanned the distance with his hand over his eyes and spoke of an oasis he knew over the next dune. Clare joined the caravan as an angel sent from heaven to bring them food. And she did. Her pockets were stuffed with small salty biscuits. The lunchtime had been full of happy surprises thanks to the costumes in the costume box.  

Please help the five year olds from room A3 put together a costume box.  

Each wish granted will supply a costume.