Chess Set for the Chess Club

Amanda Luke Marian Catholic School  

Chess sets for the chess club

Sitting and listening to Amanda Luke talk about the Chess club was a complete joy. She bubbled with enthusiasm and passion about these young chess players. She herself has played chess since she was 9 years old and since becoming a teacher has managed to teach and instil a passion for the game into countless children.  

She explains how good it is for young minds. How it helps with maths, strategic thinking, forward thinking, teaches discipline, rules, and analytical decision making skills are enhanced. Children discover how to analyse actions, consequent and future possibilities.  

She has up to twenty five children ready themselves for battle over the chess set every Friday lunch time. There are not enough sets, so they actually form queues and wait patiently hoping a set will become available, and they use tiny magnetic sets. That nearly broke my heart! These fabulous children need some big chess sets that have longevity, and they need enough so they can all sit at boards in happy anticipation of the strategic battle that awaits. These bright young minds of tomorrow need encouragement for all our sakes; please make this wish come true.