Interactive Curtains

Tracy Roose Knighton Normal School  

A wish for Interactive Curtains.  

Panda doesn't know what day it is. So the five year old Helen gently lifts the little bear up to the curtains and helps him change the day to, Wednesday. She smiles conspiratorially at the small stuffed bear. "And now, the weather," she whispers in his ear. She pulls the sun icon from the big weather calendar and attaches it to their interactive curtains and places it proudly next to the Wednesday.  

This concept of interactive curtains is Tracy Roose's wish for her classroom. One complete wall of Classroom 19 is windows and presently without curtains so Tracy is set to change this; but her curtains are going to be interactive, covered with pockets, icons, colours, numbers, letters, stories. The ideas and possibilities are limitless. They would become a changeable interactive mural for learning and displaying work and ideas. A different medium to capture little children's imaginations.