Art Extravaganza - Jeff Freeman

Jeff Freeman Principal Knighton Normal Primary School  

School Mural on the outside wall of a classroom block

Art can inspire and bring so much wonder and curiosity to the soul. Sometimes the mere glimpse of a painting can bring a gasp of wonderment or recognition from the throat that it is quite eerie and unfathomable. Art is one of life's magical potent intangibles.  

For me, wandering around the grounds of Knighton was akin to wandering one of the fabulous archaeological sites of the world. You may laugh but I gasped in wonder and delight as I turned corners just as I had in ancient sights across the globe. Art is like that; it stirs places deep within, no matter what the origins are. For me it is the unexpected that sometimes gives the most delight. Masterpieces in the great galleries, archaeological wonders or the wonder of an incredibly inspiring school is all masterful, intangible, magnificent art and it gives great pleasure.  

I was thrilled when the principal of Knighton Normal Primary school said his wish was for funds to commission a huge mural to cover the wall of a classroom block. For this art piece he would commission an artist but it was imperative that the children work at the artist's side. I wanted to throw my hand into the air and beg to be included. What an incredible opportunity to be included in this artistic extravaganza. How lucky these children are to have a principal that has bestowed upon them such an artistically beautiful environment to learn in. Surely these children will grow with a love of beauty and artistically creative expression pumping in their veins.  

Please make this wish come true.