An iPod Dock for Music in the Classroom

Haylee Partridge Marian Catholic School


Haylee would love a music iPod Dock speaker system for classroom twenty four

This particular classroom helps teach children who face challenges with learning. Haylee, the children's teacher, speaks with happy energetic enthusiasm about the effect music has on her students.  

She explains how music helps develop parts of the brain that help process language, and how speech and communication can be taught by children singing. Song helps these children vocalise and isolates speech sounds and provides repetition while still entertaining the children. Adding percussion instruments helps with fine motor skills, while dance promotes gross motor skills. Even academic lessons can be taught with efficiency in a song format which helps with recall.  

Social skills are also practiced with music and song as the children practice greetings, turn taking, eye contact and requesting all while enjoying themselves. Haylee smiles warmly, she can even use music to help teach appropriate behaviours. I laugh ; everything suddenly seems possible with music in a classroom. Haylee laughs, "If there is a microphone then I think you might be right. They love pretending to be rock stars."  

 Give these young rock stars the gift of music for their classroom.