A Glockenspiel for Maria's Class

Maria McClennan Hamilton West School  

A rumbling drum,
A clanging clashing symbol,
The sweet sharp shake of the maracas,
The deep resonating clicking of the castanets, 
The booming humming vibrating bong of the giant gong,
The sweet melodic jangle and the gentle pulsating beat of the tambourine,
And then there was the glorious glockenspiel that’s dulcet silvery sweet toned notes echoed in harmonious accord.  

Maria has a great love of music and her wish is to fill her classroom with musical instruments. She would dearly love each child to have a percussion instrument, so the whole class could be an orchestra. She plays clarinet and keyboard and her own keyboard sits in classroom 14 to help enthuse her nine year olds and gift them a love of music and a belief in their own ability to play along side her.   Maria's wish is to introduce a glockenspiel to the classroom.