Beanbags for the library

Viv Ellis   Library Knighton Normal Primary School  

There was a humongous hippopotamus with heavy leaden gait. Georgia snuggled deeper into the bean bag and turned the page slowly. There jumping out at her was a cheeky monkey swinging from vine to vine screeching in gay raucous abandon. She smiled, curled onto her side and rested her head. A tiger crept through the deep undergrowth watching the monkey with bright hot eyes. Georgia snuggled deeper into the bean bag; she was worried for that monkey. That tiger didn't look like he could be trusted.  

Lola crawled into the large warm bean bag and looked over Georgia's shoulder.  

"Read me the story," whispered the younger child.  

Georgia smiled. She scrunched herself down into the comfort of the big bean bag and returned to Mr Huge, the hippopotamus on the first page. Lola gasped and rested her head on Georgia's shoulder. The library was a wonderful place with its big bean bags and fabulous books.  

Help Viv make this library just perfect for little people to get lost in books. Gift a comfortable scrunchy bean bag to the library so children can curl up and enjoy the beautiful story books.  

We need six bean bags of various sizes. (Each beanbag we supply will be industrial and cleanable)