iPad Applications for ESOL Students

Margot Atkinson  Hamilton West.

Specialist Esol (English as a second language) teacher 


My wish is for some apps for the iPads.  

I am welcomed into the Esol classroom and I am immediate intrigued and delighted by the beauty of the artwork the children have created. I am continually stunned at that creativity I seem to encounter. And the influence of so many cultures can be immediately seen all over the brightly festooned walls. What a fabulous environment to learn in.  

And then in walk Alisi and Losa. Could you find two more beautiful little girls? Their smiles light up the room and immediately have me laughing. I could never refuse such eager polite little children anything. The gifts they bring to our culture are many with the diversity and richness of their language, history and homeland. It would seem churlish to not return the favour!  

Margot looks fondly at the two little five year olds. She would just love some apps for the iPads so she could make learning English so much more fun and interactive. She has over  seventy children in her Esol  programme and needs all the help she can get.The technology available is quite spectacular, so the learning process can be greatly enhanced and the time needed for competence decreased remarkably.
The apps are not only fun for the children but teach comprehension, reading and writing. Seems like an essential item for any Esol classroom.