The Quiz Game Jane Barbour Marian Catholic School

The Quiz Game

Little bodies gathered around the group of players, and squeals and laughter erupted as the dice bounced across the board. James let out a huge groan. The last place he needed to land right at this moment was the quiz master's square. The children giggled as Natalie made a performance of selecting the quiz card.

" Your question, yellow team, is .... Name a mountain range in the United States of America?" 

James could feel his heart racing and the blood hot and pumping around his ears. Think, think, think, "The Rockies," he yelled enthusiastically, as the answer came flying into his head from goodness knows where.

Natalie nodded reluctantly and handed him the dice. James’ grin broadened to cover most of his face. Geography could be fun after all, wasn't even that hard, who wold have thought he'd be any good at this. James tossed the dice with enthusiasm.