Jeremy's Wish is for an Air Conditioning Unit for a Classroom

Jeremy Pollard Deputy Principal 

Hamilton West School  

The pitiless sun beat down and the heat shimmered silent, stealthy and suffocatingly. The heads of the children nodded forward, heavy, hot and lethargic.    

"We might be in the Sahara," whispered Zac " where the sand dunes are hotter than an  oven and bigger than mountains."  

The children took a moment to considered an oven as big as a mountain. Such thoughts seemed incomprehensible and unsettling.  

"Or the Kalahari," muttered James. The air felt hot in his throat and sweat began to pool at the nape of his neck and trickle down his back. "There are lions in the Kalahari," he added drowsily.  

Chelsea unstuck her legs from the chair and lifted her head from her arms trying to catch a breath of wind. She sighed, the breeze from the fans although generous was so hot it dried her eyes.  

"The Simpson dessert has deadly snakes and dingoes," she offered in a voice dulled with heat.  

Three small heads returned their attention sluggishly to the maths text book. It was only early spring  and clear blue skies left the children's classroom uncomfortably hot.  

Classroom eleven is an exceptional impressive room in which the children have a strong sense of belonging and pride. But for several months each year the room just suffered from too much direct sunlight. Please help the children in room eleven  learn unhindered by heat and dreams of far distant deserts by granted the wish of an air conditioning unit for the classroom.