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Wendy's Wish - More Children's books

"Anna why don't you grab a book from the shelves please?"The teacher asked. "Pick something that looks really exciting, one we haven't read yet."

The little girl wandered over to the shelves and ran her finger over the spines of the books. The teacher watched her out of the corner of her eye. "Anna just grab one. The class is waiting." 

The kids were getting impatient. Two boys were already poking at each other. Anna's little voice reached across the room. "I can't find one we haven't read Miss."

It was true they had certainly read their way through the books on the shelf and they'd had nothing new for what seemed like ages. 

"That’s alright, just pick your favourite then."

Anna quickly grabbed a book about fairies and scuttled over to the mat. The teacher showed them the cover. There was a collective 'not again' from her restless audience. Fair enough, the teacher thought to herself.Even she would love a new book. 

 Let's get these kids more books and inspire future readers and writers!