Jesse's Big Squishy Beanbag

Jesse O'Brien   Student Support Worker   Hamilton West School.  

Sometimes you just like someone the instant you meet them. And that's what happened when I first shook hands with Jesse. The man just has a warmth and happy upbeat ambiance about his demeanour. Handy traits given he is the 'go to guy' for the behavioural, emotional, educational and overall support for over 550 children. A formidable job description but one he obviously is incredibly passionate about.  
I glance around his office and he has got some great gear, fabulous musical instruments and a cool inside basketball hoop for the kids. This has to be a place where kids can sit, relax and learn to talk about problems and I can see Jesse needs some help.  

Jesse wants to create a safe place, a hub of sorts where kids come and unload or just relax and let the weight of the world lift off their shoulders. A place where they can throw themselves down into a beanbag, feel at ease and chat, or if they are not ready to talk just let the bean bag hold them reassuringly as they just sit comfortably and listen to Jesse. He might chat for a while or he might pick up a guitar and strum a bit while looking for some common ground for a non-threatening breaking the ice type conversation. His job is an incredibly important one and needs children to relax and chill out. Jesse needs some bean bags to help kids with problems to let go for a while and open up so they can be helped.  

Jesse's wish is for a beanbag for the kids. 
(We would like to supply double layered, industrial strength, wipe-able beanbags)